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Travel Pono

Travel Pono means to explore with care, offering your kōkua (help) to preserve our natural resources, cultures, and communities. It’s recognizing your responsibility while gaining a deeper connection to Hawaii. Please help us preserve Island our environment by doing your part to Travel Pono as you go from ‘āina (land) to kai (sea) in Hawaii.

World Reef Day

World Reef Day was inspired by new legislation set to go into effect in Hawaii on January 1, 2021, banning the use of sunscreens containing oxybenzone and octinoxate, two chemicals that are damaging to coral reefs. The Day aims to bring awareness on how coral reefs are hurt by human activity and highlight change is possible through simple, everyday choices and spreading the message. 

Ola Pono Series: Ocean Safety

Renowned Hawaiian surfer, lifeguard, and waterman Brian Keaulana and his daughter, Ha‘a Keaulana, take viewers on a journey across Mākaha on the west side of O‘ahu as they explore the island’s rich history and powerful connection to the ocean while sharing tips on water safety.

Land Safety/Hiking Safety

There is so much natural beauty to discover in Hawaii, and with the right information, you can ensure that you're experiencing the islands in the best (and safest) way possible. Local land safety experts and nature conservationists share their tips on weather preparedness, land access, and trail protocol so that you stay safe and mindful while minimizing your impact on the trails.

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